Happy Boobs!

Sports bras are a vital part of an active women’s wardrobe.  Despite this I think the athletic leisure wear market has struggled to design a sports bra that meets all the requirements of a Sportswomen. 


Over the years I have spent a fortune trying to find the right sports bra.  The sports bras that I own tend to be either too loose and flimsy or so tight that I can’t breathe.  Some are underwired which sticks into my body particularly when I teach yoga and others have tough seams that chaff my body when I am running. 


Another irritation for me in sports bra design is the bras have so many clasps and straps that you need to be an escape artist to get out of them especially after a run or yoga!


Being a runner, yoga and aerial yoga teacher I have come to rely on wearing tight tops over my sports bra then layering on more tops to keep my boobs secure which is ridiculous in this day and age.


When Lululemon launched their Enlite Bra the girls in the Glasgow store told me it had been two years in the making which intrigued me. 


The bra feels very soft to touch and the first thing I noticed was the seams.  These are very minimal which goes against the normal tough seems of the sports bras that I own. 


There is no nasty underwire in the bra and although the bra has straps that cross over your back as well as straps that run vertically from your shoulder to your mid back, all the straps are stitched together which makes putting the bra on and taking it off easy. 


The bra is fastened by traditional double metal hooks which I must admit I did need to get help form a lovely assistant in the Store whilst in the changing room!  After this first blip I managed to undo and fasten the bra no problem after that.


I took the “plunge” and paid £78 for the bra which is expensive for a sports bra.  Lululemon Glasgow did advise me that I could return the bra if I wasn’t happy with it even if I had worn it so it was worth buying it.


I wore my Enlite Bra to a Forrest Yoga class and I actually forgot I was wearing it.  It felt almost like a second skin.  The bra didn’t move or feel uncomfortable and the lack of underwire was a dream especially in forward folds.


The next test for my new best friend was Aerial Yoga.  I wore my bra through two one hour classes that I was teaching so there was a lot of demonstrations, inversions, curling up for abdominal work and more sweating.  For the first time ever, I didn’t need to adjust my bra after an inversion in the aerial silk!  The bra held me securely in place.


I also tried the bra out whilst teaching my hatha yoga classes and walking my dogs and the bra was very comfortable.


The ultimate test for me was to see how the bra performed when I ran.  I do admit I didn’t think it would provide as much support as my normal running bra which is super tight and has several clasps to strap the boobs in place. 


Well I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The bra felt secure and not overly tight.  The lack of seams meant there was no friction between the material and my skin. 


I also noticed that I wasn’t fidgeting to adjust the bra when I was running which I have had to do with my regular sports bra.  This meant that I could simply run and enjoy my run!


I also wore my sports bra underneath my non-sports wear and surprisingly it does keep a natural body shape which again, isn’t possible with other sports bras I own.


The material washes well and so far, the bra has maintained its shape. 


I have to congratulate Lululemon on producing this sports bra.  The Enlite Bra breaks all the rules of traditional sports bra design and by doing so allows me to do the yoga and running that I love whilst feeling comfortable and secure. 


Happy boobs, happy sportswomen!

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