Yogandha Oils – A daily reminder to be present!

Yogandha oils (, are little vessels of wonderfulness which have been created by Yoga Teacher Sinead Duffy in Ireland.  Gandha is Sanskrit for fragrance and this is the key to these lovely products.  I have been using Yogandha oils daily for over six weeks and I thought I would share my findings with you all.


I purchased the yoga teacher special from Yogandha which included three full size bottles of post-practice oils:  Detox, Muscle Soothe and Relax.  The pack also included pre-practice mood boosters:   Ground, Balance and Salute.  The scientist in me has always been fascinated about scents and how they can help to remind us of places we visited in our childhood or a great catch-up with a friend.  This is the same principle that happens when I use Yogandha oils for my yoga practice.  The oils remind me to be grounded, to be present and to concentrate on me even if it is just for a short meditation or pranayama!


I have been using Relax, Detox and Muscle Soothe after my shower in the morning or a bath in the evening.  Detox is my favourite because the Lemongrass is so zingy that it really helps to kick start my day. Physiologically my body is also getting cleansed because this oil contains Juniperberry too.  Over the weeks I have noticed my skin feels lovely and smooth and I can also vouch to the detoxing aspects of the oil after a few glasses of fizz on a Saturday night!  Interestingly, through daily use I have also noticed this oil helps to detox my monkey mind. 


Muscle Soothe is also a gem of a product.  I always use magnesium bath salts after vigorous exercise such as running, long dog walks, Ashtanga or Hot Yoga.  With Muscle Soothe you don’t need to use the bath salts.  The Ginger and Marjoram really work into the aches and pains and help to ease the muscles.  I still like my bath salts but I can honestly say that I think the Muscle Soothe works much better than the salts to relax and restore tired muscles.


That takes us onto Relax.  This oil is Divine!  I use this in the evening before I go to bed and the sleep I get is incredible.  Relax contains Lavender and Vetiver which truly are a combination made in heaven. 


Now, some of you may be thinking that my opinion of the oils may just be due to the Placebo Effect and to be honest for the first three weeks of using them I was wondering this myself but I was to be proved majorly wrong! 


I was covering a yoga class for a fellow teacher and after I had my morning shower I applied one of the post-practice oils.  I thought I had applied Detox which helps to kick start my day.  As I was sitting having breakfast I had this feeling of calmness come over me and I started to feel extremely relaxed.  I wasn’t quite sure what was happening and I had to head out to teach so I jumped in my car and headed to cover the yoga class.  As I parked up I was starting to feel so chilled out that even my mind was calm.  I sniffed my skin and the wonderful scents of Lavender and Vetiver tickled my nostrils.  It soon became apparent that I had used Relax instead of Detox in the morning!  That was the most relaxed I had ever been when teaching a class, especially another colleague’s class where I would normally be a wee bit nervous! 


This was a really great experience because I assumed Relax would only be suitable for evening use but using this oil in the morning does make you have a chilled out day which I can highly recommend.


The post-practice oils are also amazing.  I use Ground on my pulse points before my morning meditation and asana because this oil has a grounding effect due to the presence of Sandalwood and Frankincense, hence the name! 


If I am doing a home practice in the evening or heading out to teach my classes I use Salute which is my favourite of the mood booster oils.  This bad boy is so great at giving me a mindful energy boost due to it containing Grapefruit and Bergamot that it is the one I use the most of. 


The last product in the pre-practice range is Balance.  I have to be honest that I struggled with this oil to start with but after using it over the 6 weeks I now think this oil is a cracker.  It contains Jasmine and Cypress so this oil really does pack a punch.  When I first used it I found it over powering and a bit of a distraction in my practice.  However, I persevered with it and now I swear by it.  If I am feeling a bit all over the place, I use this oil to centre me.


I have to mention the gorgeous natural packaging that has been used for these products along with the mantras that are printed on the boxes.  The oils are also vegan friendly!


My own yoga practice has been made even better through the use of Yogandha Oils and I am really excited to incorporate these oils into my own classes with my students. 


Yoga means Union and with our crazy busy lives I think it is wonderful that Yogandha have created these incredible oils that remind us to create space for us to help us to achieve union between the body and the mind through our yoga practice.





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