Alternative to New Year Resolutions

How much attention do you pay to the skin and personal care products that you buy?

Do you read the labels, so you know what goes into the products you are putting onto your body? 

Let’s not kid ourselves we spend a fortune on cosmetics so that we can keep our skin youn...

Sports bras are a vital part of an active women’s wardrobe.  Despite this I think the athletic leisure wear market has struggled to design a sports bra that meets all the requirements of a Sportswomen. 

Over the years I have spent a fortune trying to find the right...

Follow this link to my second blog that I wrote for BUPA on behalf of Yoga Scotland:

Five Reasons To Take Up Yoga

I was honoured to be asked to write two blogs for BUPA on behalf of Yoga Scotland.

Click on this link Which Yoga Type Is Best For You?

Yogandha oils (, are little vessels of wonderfulness which have been created by Yoga Teacher Sinead Duffy in Ireland.  Gandha is Sanskrit for fragrance and this is the key to these lovely products.  I have been using Yogandha oils daily for over six we...

I never realised how attached and dependant I was on my mobile phone until last week.

Last Tuesday I was heading into Glasgow for a meeting and whilst on the train I realised I had left my mobile phone at home.  “Not to worry,” I thought, it will be liberating not to ha...

I came across the Acro Yoga Dance booth on the first day of the Om Yoga Show, Glasgow and I looked in admiration at the demo by the gifted Eugene Butcher and Pip Elysium.


On the Sunday I walked past the booth again and then decided to give it a go. 


WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  W...

Emily's class was a great exploration of arm balances.